Thinking mostly

i have been thinking about him a lot and it's hard to think about him because it's hard for me to think of him because I know I'll never get to talk to him again because of his family (mostly his mother) 


im not saying I'm unhappy today because I am very happy. I have mostly what I could ever want right now.

1. A Boyfriend who comes and sees me and thinks I'm beautiful even in my sweats

2. A job I love and summer just coming around the corner

3. Losing weight so I can be confident again

4. Traveling with my friends and boyfriend this summer to Caribbean islands 


i didnt think my life would kick off right after you kicked me out of yours


my new boyfriend is sweat, he listens to me, we are cunts together and like it that way. It's been 3 months since we started dating and I'm liking where things are going and I can't wait to see how it goes. 

this July will mark the anniversary of when I got my heart broken by someone who said they loved me forever and always

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